WE ARE OPEN during the COVID crisis. FREE Pickup and Delivery! NonToxic Dry Cleaning

176 W Park Ave, Long Beach, New York 11561, United States

176 W. Park Ave., Long Beach NY FREE Pickup and Delivery

176 W. Park Ave., Long Beach NY FREE Pickup and Delivery

176 W. Park Ave., Long Beach NY FREE Pickup and Delivery176 W. Park Ave., Long Beach NY FREE Pickup and Delivery176 W. Park Ave., Long Beach NY FREE Pickup and Delivery

Coronavirus Situation


We are here for you during this difficult time.  We are maintaining our normal business hours, so please stop in.

If you are home-bound or self-quarantining, give us a call to schedule a FREE Pickup.  We will clean and deliver your items at a time convenient to you. 


Concerned about you clothing, bedding, or other items being contaminated?

Did you know:   Our GreenEarth cleaning process is better than any other dry cleaning process for disinfecting clothing and softgoods.


Our GreenEarth cleaning process and the Coronavirus (and bacteria and viruses in general) :

Our GreenEarth cleaning and the Coronavirus - these are the facts that we know at this point in time:

  • Because GreenEarth’s pure D5 dry cleaning fluid has the highest flash point of any of the alternative solvents (170F), the GreenEarth dry cleaning process allows the clothes to be dried at the highest drying temperature, 158F, which is equivalent to 70C.
  • At this point in time, the specifics of the epidemiology of the COVID-19 virus have not been identified. However, the World Health Organization issued its update to its table of Thermal Inactivation of Bacteria, Viruses, and Protozo in January 2015. As you can see in the table below, many bacteria, viruses, and protozoa are inactivated at 70C or 158F.
  • Additionally, the amount of inactivation is a logarithmic function of the amount of time the temperature is applied.  The standard drying time at 158F in the GreenEarth Cleaning process is more than 30 minutes, enough time to inactivate most of the viruses shown.
Given the information available at this point in time, because GreenEarth dries at the highest temperature for the longest period of time, we believe it is fair to say, while we do not know the specific behavior of the COVID-19 virus, if it behaves similarly to other viruses that have been tested, the GreenEarth process is the most effective dry cleaning method available to inactivate bacteria and viruses and to potentially inactivate the COVID-19 virus as well.
Source:  www.greenearthcleaning.com

It's Great to be GREEN


 Be Good to your Clothes, Yourself, and our Planet.

Our goal is to be the best dry cleaner that you will ever have and to stay true to our GREEN commitment to you and our community.

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FREE Pickup and Delivery

About Us



Go Green uses GreenEarth® liquid  silicone to clean all of your clothes.  Liquid silicone naturally  breaks down into sand (silicon dioxide) and trace amounts of carbon  dioxide and water, making it harmless to you and the environment. Liquid  silicone is gentle, yet effective for cleaning your garments and has no  negative effects on our environment.  It's truly a GREEN non-toxic  method of dry cleaning.

Every other dry cleaner in  our area at this time, even those that call themselves "Organic", uses  "Perc" or "Hydrocarbon".  These are both petroleum based products that  are known carcinogens and pollutants to our water systems and are  monitored by the EPA. Petroleum belongs in your car and not on your  clothes and in your closets!



 Go Green is proud of our reputation for high quality tailoring and  repair work on behalf of our customers. We have a "GREEN light" program  that you may want to have our staff add to your customer profile where  any small repair will be done with out the delay of reaching you for  permission, keeping your garments at their best and your order  timely. We love to help with Wedding gowns, and creative assignments as  well as simple tailoring. Every tailoring job is handled with care and  concern. 



Go Green picks up and delivers for free on a schedule that is convenient to you. 

We will deliver to most towns in the area, just give us a call and ask for a pickup.