Long Beach New York Dry Cleaning Green Cleaners
Long Beach New York Dry Cleaning Green Cleaners
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It pays to go green.
Unlike other "green" methods, GreenEarth is not more expensive for dry cleaners to clean with. With GreenEarth, everybody wins.

Finally, a real choice.

Most people don't see any difference between dry cleaners, except for location. For the first time, people have a real choice about where to take their dry cleaning. GreenEarth is more than an odor-free, eco-friendly way to dry clean. It's actually better for clothes.

Landlords love us.
Sites contaminated by toxic dry cleaning solvents can costs millions to clean up. That's why dry cleaners have a hard time getting approval to lease or build new plants in prime locations. With GreenEarth, it's different. Landlord and developer concerns at locations where petrochemical dry cleaning is prohibited aren't a concern with us.

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What makes Go Green green?

1. We dry clean with non-toxic liquid silicone (Green Earth). Currently we are the ONLY dry cleaners on the South Shore of Long Island that does not use petroleum on your clothes.

2. All of the solvents we use to remove stains are non-toxic and our laudry detegent is plant extract based Mela-Power by Melaleuca.

3. We seek out and use biodegradable plastics and recycled materials for all of our packaging.

4. Our delivery van is a recycled 1969 VW microbus and it's been converted to run on ethanol (E85 Corn based fuel)

5. Go Green gives our time, support and human energy for "Green" causes in the community. (Go Green Festival, Soular Soundz, The Environmental Advisory Board of Long Beach)

Isn't 100% professional wet cleaning better?
Water is the most eco-friendly solvent there is, but whether it's wise for dry cleaners to rely entirely on wet cleaning methods isn't quite as clear.

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Stephanie and Melissa - Salvage Chic - Long Beach NY
"Go Green dry cleaners is the official dry cleaners of Salvage Chic in Long Beach because we are good to our clothing and the Environment! Thank you Kevin and Bill for all the womderful service and support."

Nadine and Don Gelestino - Rockville Centre, NY
"Your free pick-up and delivery makes being Green easy :) Plus we love the way our clothes feel and smell. Thanks for coming to RVC."

Kevin - General Manager - The Allegria
"Our guests and staff deserves and expects the highest quality service. Go Green helps us deliver on our promise to be a 5 Star "Green" Hotel. That's why Go Green is the official dry cleaners for the Allegria Hotel and Atlantica Restaurant"

Judy Fishman - Long Beach NY
"Bill, Kevin and the whole Go green staff are doing fantastic work. They are super friendly and helpful. It's "green" and it's the greatest dry cleaner we've ever had."

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